Thank you for applying to join VisABLE. All the information you give us here is for evaluation by VisABLE only, treated in the strictest confidence.

PLEASE NOTE – if you close the application form page, the information that you have input WILL NOT BE THERE WHEN YOU RE-OPEN THE PAGE… however, when you click ‘Submit your application’ we save your information and email you a link to it, so if for any reason you are unable to complete your application initially, you can do it later.

Contact information
We require your name as it appears on your passport / official documents, and your current address and contact details.

Personal information
We are sometimes asked for people with specific disabilities, where it is important for a particular role, so in order to know if you are suitable we need to ask what the visible characteristics of your impairment are.

Tattoos, scars etc..
We need to know anything which shows while you are wearing everyday clothes.

We need two photos – photo #1 should be a CLEAR, RECENT head and shoulders photo; photo #2 should be a full length shot (sitting is fine). The physical characteristics of your disability should be easily visible on one of them please, in a very natural way (however, we don’t want medical style pictures!) Its fine if it’s simply showing your guide dog or hearing aids. WITHOUT PICTURES, WE ARE UNABLE TO CONSIDER YOUR APPLICATION. If you have difficulty attaching them, it is almost always because you are using large files, around 250kb is plenty big enough for this purpose. Hi res images are often rejected.

Please don’t pay for a photographer.
If you decide to get some photos taken for this application, it is not necessary to pay someone if you are prepared to spend time and carefully plan a session with a friend (but please, no selfies and no Instagram style artificial looking faces!), someone with a good eye for composition, who can take crisp, properly focused snaps on a good mobile phone or tablet, or of course, a digital camera. Avoid wearing an hat or sunglasses and ensure the background behind you is completely empty of anything not relevant to the shot. You could obtain good ideas to recreate by looking at the People section under… these would be the style of pictures our clients want to see.

Wear well-fitting clothing in solid blocks of bright colour ideally. If unsure, look at great examples of advertising and see what the people of your age are wearing and try something similar. Vary your facial expressions. Remember that clients want all kind of different characters, so offer a range of looks. Ensure your hair is well styled and with the right feel for the setting.. e.g. tousled is fine in a bathrobe having breakfast, casual but tidy is good for a supermarket trip or immaculate in a suit for a corporate look. The small amount of background visible behind you should be in keeping with these looks too, so set the scene, exactly as they do in an advertisement. You will need to use a range of expressions to act out a scenario portraying a particular character (such as a customer or a hotel guest) rather than the holiday snap smile we all usually do, so that they look more like advertising shots.

Submit your application
When you have finished entering your application information, click the ‘Submit your application’ button. We will let you know as soon as we can whether your application has been successful.