All the information you give us is in the strictest confidence. We will let you know as soon as we can whether your application has been successful – this may take a while owing to the enormous number of applications we receive, so your patience will be appreciated please, as bookings have to take priority (we will definitely let you know one way or the other so there is no need to follow up on your application).

To find out whether you are eligible to join VisABLE you need to complete our artist application form. You may include videos etc. but we won’t consider applications without the form being completed.

Young artists
If you are interested in having your child join VisABLE, or finding out if they are eligible, please complete our artist application form on their behalf, making it clear that you are applying on behalf of your child.

Overseas applicants
We have spent more than 25 years building up a successful agency in the UK, with occasional overseas bookings, however those clients will not fly you here for jobs. It is our intention to establish the market in your area and when we have sufficient numbers we will launch VisABLE there too, and then we will be able to actively promote you. In the meantime, we welcome applications from artists with disabilities anywhere.

There is no charge to join VisABLE, there are no ongoing subscription fees, your photo will be featured in the VisABLE gallery free (subject to approval) and your Profile page on is provided free – this is how we think it should be. We earn a small commission for finding you work.

Contact information
We require your name as it appears on your passport / official documents, with your current address and contact details. Please be careful to enter your email address correctly.

Personal information
We need to know about your appearance because we are sometimes asked for specific disabilities to suit specialised roles, so in order to know if you are suitable, we need to know what the visible characteristics of your impairment are.

Special skills
If you have any skills like sports abilities, languages, anything you think may help you get work, tell us here. Click the ‘Add new item’ button to display a text input box and enter details – one per box. To enter additional skills, repeat the process.

Tattoos, scars etc..
We need to know what you may have that shows while you are wearing everyday clothes.

Photos – please don’t pay for a photographer!
If you decide to get some photos taken for this application, it isn’t necessary to pay someone if you are prepared to spend time and carefully plan a session with a friend (no selfies please!), someone with a good eye for composition, who can take crisp, properly focused snaps on a good mobile phone or tablet, or of course, a digital camera. Ensure the background behind you is completely empty of anything not relevant to the shot (take photos with a small amount of background) and wear well-fitting clothing in solid blocks of bright colour. Your photos may effect your application so they are worth the effort if you are serious about joining us.

Submit your application
When you have finished entering your application information, click the ‘Submit your application’ button.