Artist application (Please read...)

This form is suitable for all artists (actors, models, presenters etc.), please ensure that the information you provide is accurate. We will let you know as soon as we can whether your application has been successful. This may take a while owing to the enormous number of applications we receive each day, so your patience will be appreciated please, as bookings have to take priority.

Actors - we will need to see evidence of your acting skills.. please paste links to your video clips (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) in the 'Extra stuff' box.

No experience? We can put you forward as an extra but if you are hoping to find acting work we will need to see you in action - film yourself (or ask a friend) for a 2 minute audition piece, performing a scene you like (by yourself or with a friend) where we can see your expressive range. Upload your video to YouTube or similar and paste the link in 'Extra stuff'.

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Physical criteria: some roles demand specific physical criteria, so we need you to tick everything that ever applies to you. For example even if you only use a wheelchair rarely, you need to tick that box too, so clients know they can also cast you in the role of a wheelchair user (if there is no suitable option please use the box below to describe your impairment):
Missing limbs:          
Reduced height:  
Please describe the physical characteristics of your disability which might be relevant for the client to know:
Special skills: Tell us about any strong skills which could be useful for roles, such as accents, sports abilities (one per text box):
Tattoos, scars, etc.: Please advise us about readily-apparent tattoos, piercing or scars:
Performance CV: Please click the "Browse" button below and show a path to your performance CV (in MS Word format only please) - we will assume you have no experience if no CV is provided.
Your photos (please upload 2 photos):

N.B. Please ensure photo #1 is a CLEAR, RECENT head-and-shoulders photo and make photo #2 a full length shot (sitting is fine). If relevant, photo #2 should show your disability.

IMPORTANT! Please don't pay for professional photos to include in your application. Ask a friend to use a digital camera or even mobile phone camera to take pictures of you, we don't want you spend money unnecessarily.

To upload photos, click 'Browse' and show the path to a photo that you wish to upload (i.e. click on the folder where the photo is saved) or enter the filename, then click open; do the same with additional photos and when you have finished click 'Upload'.
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Extra stuff: Please tell us what sort of work you are looking for, and if there is anything else you would like to tell us about please write it in the text box below: